A Few Days in Door County

We just had a few days away in Door County. I love door county and we're always looking for something new to do. Here's what we did in just a few days.

Day #1

Our first stop on the way up the Door County Peninsula was near a park to get a photo of us by the beach. We figured everyone else was at the 'beach' mostly Punta Cana and other warm beaches so we wanted to share this beach photo. Sturgeon Bay by the Beach.

While parked at the beach we searched for lunch and choose Kitty's Irish Pub. This place has great food and drinks. We ordered Bloody Mary's while we were were looking at the menu for lunch. When my drink arrived I decided to split an appetizer. Look at these monsters! We opted for the lobster rolls. Also delicious. We met some friendly people at the bar and we swapped some lobster roll for some jalapeño poppers so we had variety. Don't forget shake of the day at Kelly's. Three out of the four of us won free drinks! Maybe it was just our lucky day.

From the Irish Pub we headed up north to our Airbnb. We stopped in Carlsville at Door County Candle Company. They were busy making candles for their donations to help in the Ukraine.

Channel 11 was doing a story there while we were shopping. We didn't make the cut though. But one thing that is super fun about the Door County Candle Company is that you can dip your own candles. I think they might have been $3 each, so super reasonable fun for the whole family.

After Checking into our Airbnb we headed out to dinner at Skaliwags in Egg Harbor. I had the 'famous' fried chicken and Chris had the Steak. All was super amazing food in a casual atmosphere. The mash potatoes are super amazing if you like garlic, they are loaded with whole cloves of garlic, super yum.

Day #2

We woke up and headed out to Greens N Grains Cafe, which was closed, but the grocery store was open! We opted for some cheetos and other natural snacks for the road until we found an open cafe. We found Blue Horse Cafe in Fish Creek for Breakfast. I had a delicious fruit smoothie and Chris had a breakfast sandwich with jalapeños etc. looked super good and a mocha. We sat in the porch area looking over the lake.

From Breakfast we headed up the peninsula to The Clearning The Clearning has a folk school is the summer months. We also love seeing the old character of the buildings if you can hike around it is a lovely place.

Next we stopped in Gills rock to check out the water there and get some smoked fish at the smoke house. Photo is of the water in Gills Rock behind Charlies Smokehouse.

We then headed across to New Port park to take a walk to the beach there. I made a little sand and ice castle, saw interesting water bubbling up on the shore and running to the lake. It was a super nice stop. I really wanted to stop again for the dark night sky viewing but it was snowing by nightfall.

To warm up we headed down to Baileys Harbor to check out the furniture and artwork at Nathan Nichols. Within walking distance to the shop is Door County Brewing so we stopped for a beverage there. They have a seasonal selection but not too many fruity beers for a girl like me, although they did have a seltzer that was pretty good. We wanted to hit a winery before they closed, most things close around 5, so you have to get up early to get things in. We made it to Door Peninsula Winery in Carlsville at about 4 o'clock. They still have free wine tasting here, where most places charge now. You get 5 free samples. My favorite was the cherry mimosa! They also have a distillery there now so we had a few sips there, they were $2 each. While sampling we saw the same couple that we were sitting by the day before at Kitty's bar so we decided to all get dinner at the Fireside in Egg Harbor. There food was really delish. Similar price to Skaliwags but not as casual, not that you have to dress up, but very nice place too. I recommend both.

Day #3

We walked down to the Pink Bakery near the grocery store in Egg Harbor. I highly recommend their homemade ho ho! Maybe all her cake items are like this, but super delish. We hung out at the airbnb till about lunch, headed up to Fish Creek to try some pizza at Wild Tomato Pizza. Now, don't get me wrong, they have delicious salad and the parmesan bites looked amazing too. If you never been they have a thin crust wood fired pizza and they have fun flavors you don't get anywhere else. The ''but'' is that we have loved Wild Tomato for so long and they use to have the most exceptional pizza. In the last few years they changed something, and so we gave it one last try third try since they changed something, in our opinion. It was good, but it is not what it use to be, if you ever loved something super particular, and then it wasn't quite the same, you know how it is. They still have delicious ranch dressing and they put sunflower seeds on their garden salad, and I love that!

Just a super great little get a way. I never built a sandcastle with ice and sand, so that was fun. Just love the fresh air and endless water views. Door County is a beautiful place.

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