A little Day Dream

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

I’m not sure how many people are like me but I tend to have a lot of ideas or dreams. Since I do a lot of pottery sometimes I think about having my own pottery shop or I think my community could use a really good cup of coffee. I often drive by different places that are unique or older because I have a love for old buildings and wonder if it was for sale if I could buy it and turn it into a shop. This is one of those places. Of all places that I drive by I always thought the cutest building in town was the historical society’s building and who would’ve ever thought it would ever go for sale. But it is for sale and they’re taking offers through November 4! I’m sure you can imagine all the things that I’m thinking about here and dreaming of now. It has a big old barn which is very cool but needs some foundation work. And the house is awesome with all the woodwork and wood floors but would potentially need work overtime but the bonus is that it has handicap accessible bathroom and a ramp to the front door which is awesome. Anyhow it is a little bit out of my budget but I just wanted to share this dream with you today for the fun of it. I guess I just wanted to put my dream out there because it’s such an awesome building and it hasn’t had a lot of interest which I guess I don’t understand because I love it so much.

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