Helping Others through Sales of OoPs Mug Sales/Donations

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Every couple months I hold a Oops Mug sale. OoPs Mugs are mugs that have defects but can still be used for your morning coffee or planters. OoPs Mug sale has also come to include other clay items I sell that have been used as glaze tests or different things. All items have some sort of flaw, so know that the item/s are not perfect but perfect for something.

OoPs items donations/sales are available for free local pick up for I'm happy to ship. All money brought in minus cost of packing/shipping is donated to local refugee efforts or local anti-trafficking/anti-slavery organizations. Some of the popular ones are World Relief Fox Valley, 5 Stones, Damascus Road, and Eye Heart World.

If you are a local organization that would like to partner with us we are always looking to network. Stoney Tree Studio hires people who are out of trafficking and we would love to work together to make you custom items to fundraise with or open to new ideas.

Thank you to everyone who supports my small business and these causes so close to my heart. Some things seem so big, but we can all do some small part.


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