Handmade: The process of a Mug.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Here's a little story about the process of how something starts as clay and becomes a mug or another handmade clay creation.

We start with a good ol' block of soft moldable clay. Our clay comes in bags from Laguna Clay in California or Ohio, USA. These clay blocks are then divided into smaller selections to be thrown on a pottery wheel. Each smaller piece of clay is hand formed into a mug shape using a pottery wheel.

From the pottery wheel, the mug shape spends a few days drying and being smoothed out and ready for it's first round in the kiln. My kiln is currently in my garage. The first fire is to cone 04 which is about 1945 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes approx. 24 hours for complete fire and cool down.

Once the first firing is cool, we rinse the mugs and begin the exterior design process. First each mug is filled and emptied of an inside color glaze, usually clear. Then most mugs are finished with brushed on glazes. There are a few that we do where we dip them in a big pail of glaze. After glazing the mugs go through a final firing where we fire to cone 5 which is approx. 2167 degrees Fahrenheit. This again takes about 24 hours to heat and cool. When done through is the best part, opening the kiln to see the finished creations.

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