OoPs Sale February

It has been a while since the last OoPs Sale. In about 5 days I will post OoPs Items for sale! I know many people look forward to snatch up some awesome handmade pottery fully functional with a few flaws for a great price and good cause. February's cause is 50/50. Half of the money paid for items in February will go to local organizations for helping local refugees, World Relief Fox Valley. The other half will go to Teen Missions. My son Sol is going a mission trip to Africa this summer. He will be gone 7 weeks, 2 for boot camp/training in Florida and 5 in Africa. We are asking people to team up with us in prayer and or financially. I'm proud of him for taking on this challenge of being so far away for a good amount of time and also excited for his amazing experience. Also, you may notice that OoPs items are no longer $1. So many people are very generous, but some of my friends have encouraged me to raise to minimum of $5 an item, and they are so sweet to boost my confidence. It is true, just the materials exceed the $1 so now that money going to these awesome organizations can be increased knowing we're helping good causes either way. Sale will go live at 11:00 am.

Thank you again for all your love and support.



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