Try displaying pieces in groups of three

The other day I was going about life and then received an email to be featured an interesting article about designing your interior space by artists across the country! What a refresher when just doing the same daily to dos. It is what an artist needs to spark some extra motivation. Redfin asked me, along with other creators – from Vancouver, BC to Jacksonville, FL, to share our best ideas on how to enhance your space with one-of-a-kind decor. Check out what we had to say! The post "Unique ways to uplift your interior with one of a kind decor" can be accessed by clicking on the underlined title.

I commented what I thought of first when I think about using ceramics in the home as design or decoration.

My words here were featured under, Try displaying prices in groups of three.

Ceramics can add unique handmade home appeal. Choosing handmade ceramic pieces for your home brings in part of the earth, with a sense of grounding and home. Many people think of functional mugs, plates, and bowls. Ceramics can add variety from small textured teaspoon holders for your coffee and tea drinkers, to plates mounted vertically as wall decor. Vases can be for tables, hanging plants or wall accents. I like to pair pieces in groups of three. When pairing I choose three things the same size but different colors, or you could use the same colors but different sizes. Handmade ceramics can be functional and versatile but are also durable and an investment that can last generations. – Stoney Tree Studio

If you like a few more pointers check out the post to see what other artists are recommending. I loved seeing what other artists are doing and saying about using their pieces to brighten spaces. More than that, I enjoyed clicking on all the artists links to check out what they are doing. There's a lot of great handmade art going on! Love it. So if you take time to read the article, it's worth taking the extra few moments to click on the artist's links to see what they are all up to.



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