Why Stand Against Modern Day Slavery, Why Stand For Refugees?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Everywhere we turn there are noble causes to join forces with. Years ago I watched a few Ted Talks on Modern Day Slavery. This Link to Lisa Kristine's view of Modern Day Slavery through her photos is Amazing! My other favorite by Kevin Bales, I think he is connected to Free The Slaves. I encourage you to watch those Ted Talks, they are so informative! Slavery is illegal all over the world, yet it is almost everywhere. It's a multi billion dollar industry. Though some things seem so overwhelming to stop or know where to start I wanted to make a way to use my talents and passions to make a positive difference. In 2018 I started making wholesale mugs for a company that helps bring awareness and support businesses that help women out of trafficking. At the same time our family was partnering with World Relief Fox Valley to welcome local refugees. Refugees are also dear to our hearts. We believe all humans deserve a safe place to live and raise their families. There are millions of refugees that have been forced from their homes because of violence and tragedy. Their homes may not be safe, but we can make room in our hearts to welcome and give them space to thrive. I'm a maker and love pottery, painting, sculpture and mixed media. I love working with others on ideas to help our communities be beautiful inside and out.

Anti Trafficking Modern Day Slavery
Refugees Are Human Beings
What We Do for the Least of These we do for Him

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